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Lumie BodyClock Advanced Sunrise Natural Alarm

Reduce SAD symptoms

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Biobulb 100 Watt bayonet

Full spectrum
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Buy lightboxes and other Seasonal Affective Disorder products online

Light therapy using SAD Light boxes is proven to effectively treat SAD, winter blues, PMS, Bulimia and Chronic Fatique Syndrome.

Britebox SAD light box
Robust, portable energy efficient light therapy unit for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 10,000 Lux at 18 Inches, daylight tubes.

LUMIE Light Therapy
Light therapy can help shifworkers, jet lag, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter blues. Lumie light therapy products may help.

National Light Hire Company
Rent instead of buying. NLHC have a wide of light therapy equipment including hundreds of Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamps.

Rondo SAD lamp from Electronic Healing
Stylish bright light therapy lamp for treatment of SAD. Its round and harmonic design creates a warm feeling of the sun and summer.

Suppliers of the Philips Energylight range of SAD light boxes. Order online with a 21 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Wide range of lightboxes and associated products, with plenty of information to help you choose.

SAD Lighting
A range of SAD light boxes and accessories used in hospitals, workplaces, customer's homes, hospices, doctor's surgeries, schools.

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