A complete guide to alternative medicine and complementary therapies in Scotland
The Food Intolerance Bible
Paperback: 320 pp
Savill & Haynes
Healthy Eating for IBS
Paperback: 144 pp

Teach Yourself Eating for Health
Paperback: 192 pp
Sara Kirkham


Nutrition therapy, nutritionists and dieticians in Scotland.

Catherine Broom Nutrition
Nutritional therapist practicing in the Aberdeen area, working to improve health complaints arising from modern diets.

Diet Scotland
Innovative private dietetic practice near Glasgow managed by a State Registered Dietitian with over twelve years experience.

Edinburgh Nutrition
Combines a holistic approach with cutting-edge science to promote optimum health, peak performance, disease prevention & patient care.

Frances Bavin
Nutritional Therapy in and around Edinburgh. Help with various health conditions and general wellbeing.

HealthWorks Holistic Health Centre, Forres, Scotland
Sarah Kirkham provides therapeutic diets to help with weight loss, blood sugar control, food allergies and many other health conditions.

Anne Cross works in private practice in Edinburgh and does student clinics for the Edinburgh branch of the College of Natural Medicine.

Nature Systems Clinic, Inverness
Target the root cause of your health problem with a professional consultation at Nature Systems Clinic.

Nutrition for Health Solutions
Susan Gault D.N.Med. is a practitioner of nutritional medicine in Elgin. She is a member of the Wholistic Nutritional Medicine Society.

Optimum Health
Jane Tobias is based in Glasgow. She offers food intolerance testing for optimuim health through optimum nutrition.

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