A complete guide to alternative medicine and complementary therapies in Scotland
Mountain Stream
Audio CD
Natural Sounds
New World
Songs of the Humpback Whale
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Music and Books

Buy music and books online for healing and relaxation

Books from Amazon on Alternative Medicine
Amazon UK has a huge range of books on alternative medicine and complementary therapies - use this link as a starting point..

The Feel Good Music Collection
Gentle soothing relaxation music good for alternative and holistic healers, spas, yoga or for anyone who wishes to relax or de-stress.

The Healing Store
Alternative healing, new age and holistic products from around the world, brought to you in one secure on-line store.

Just Nature 10 CD Set
Experience over 10 hours of relaxing pleasure listening to pure nature sounds from peaceful locations around the globe.

Nature Speaks
This relaxing album took over 4 months to compose. It is an audio CD created for yoga, and is ideal for meditation and relaxation.

New World Music
A huge range of Relaxation Music, Inspirational Music, World Music, Vocals and Chants, Mystical and music for Alternative Therapies.

Relaxation Music to Download in MP3 Format
Selection of CDs, MP3s and books for holistic therapies and practices such as Reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga and massage etc.

Silencio Music
CDs and downloads create an ambient oasis of tranquility and peace to accompany holistic therapies and to aid stress-relief and wellbeing.

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