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Retreats and Spas in Scotland

Retreats and Spas - Taking a Break

Everyone needs a break sometimes, and what better way than to go on a retreat or spend some time pampering yourself at a spa?

Spas were traditionally situated in country areas where waters considered to have natural healing properties came to the surface. Modern spas are generally found as part of a good hotel complex, and may be deep in the country or in a city centre. They also offer hydrotherapies of various sorts, usually with a sauna, pool and steam room, but also offer a short term escape and pampering experience featuring a range of beauty treatments and complementary therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and reiki. Spa hotels can provide the ideal mix of relaxation and therapy for a short break, while the new breed of city spa makes a handy bolthole from the pressures of modern urban living.

Retreats generally offer longer breaks in a quiet, meditative environment, usually with a spiritual element. Some are buddhist teaching centres while others may be Christian or have no particular religious affiliation. Many offer courses in guided meditation, and often various complementary therapies are on offer. Workshops and outdoor activities may also feature yoga, hillwalking, tai chi, arts and alternative health.

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